Sunday, February 20, 2011

Trip to Melaka part 1~

hi everyone..long time i didnt post any entry eyh?
this is coz..
i've been to Melaka last friday 18 feb 2011..
for HE fun and blast indeed..syukran ya Allah..i've given the oppurtunity to been there and see YOUR creature..
it was awesome...

the first day:-
supposely our bus depart at 2pm but it was delayed to we perform our prayer and wait for the bus (at this time i feel super hungry coz i havent lunch,so we go around n search for the food) 5.30pm we arrived at the Melaka Central n we search for mini bus to go to Mahkota Parade (it was like metro bus over here in KL)..
then we arrived at Mahkota Parade (MP) n we look for our hotel (Hotel Johan) ,actually we almost lost but then with the help of one of our member , we found Hotel Johan ..alhamdullillah..yeay!..
next we got rest n after maghrib we went out to look for food (our dinner haha)..then we found one stall behind the hotel ( i ate nasi lemak kukus ayam goreng,wow isn't it?haha)doesnt care about the calories anymore..huhu..
after dat we jalan-jalan around the town(this is my favorite part)..
we went to Menara Taming Sari ,it's juz like menara kuala lumpur but their different is we went all the way up n we can see the view from's juz like a machine that brought us it is?
then afterward we went to Pahlawan Market Uptown..juz like Uptown market overhere..the sell everything from souvenirs to clothes,bags ,shoes and so on..then we r so lucky coz one of our member (her cousin) brought us to one of the market at the Jonker Walk..'s juz like Chinatown..
they sell a lot of china thingy and traditional things n one more thing is so cheap! so rambang mata..but still i cn control it..
juz bought few souvenirs and things for me ...haha..

okey will continue later..ciao..wassalam..