Tuesday, July 17, 2012



Im sorry that I didnt update my blog for such a long time.Well, it has been a not-so-great final year (knowing that everyone did well) but I should thankful that Allah has planned it that way. I couldnt say much. But it is normal for a young people age 22 years old to have self-conflict? This is what happen to me lately , whether to start working or pursue study (master) . I dont even know what I want anymore. It's like you having a duel with your inner part of you and the brain start thinking other thing and the heart wont follow what the brain is thinking? i mean , im in the big mess.huuuu..

But...I know I shouldnt complain everythng, and I should have spill it out in front of Allah not in here but this is the feeling that I have rite now. A not-so-great feeling and feel-kinda-like-a-loser. I know that is not much people will read this but I hope this is the last entry ever I post about my kinda-emotion entry. Phewww....Sorry people that you have to read this (coz this entry doesnt give you any good information anyway (--')Y ).

Till then,