Saturday, December 11, 2010

the up-to-date entri foreva

hi everyone!
sorry not being connected for this while...
due to exams,exams n exams..
alhamdullillah ...everything went well..n hopefully i get a good result the...insyaAllah..
i really feel bless now..
but when exams were over...the thing that i most fear amongst project..
erm speaking about this..about 30 percent of work has done..owh my im so so scared..
ya Allah help me get through this..
its juz like it's difference to be a good,responsible person,matured person in this real's juz like u have to meet the people..get in about the deals..manage that manage's juz dont know if i can get through this...

yeah thats is so true..once u were given a responsibility, u have to take care of it..if not Allah will ask..why didn't u take it seriously?perhitungan di padang masyar..insyaAllah..jagala Allah dan Allah akan jaga kamu..taken this from somwhere..if u believe in Allah indeed,insyaAllah then Allah will guide u thru the life..

well actually this entry is all about the past events that have happened oledi....mostly the wedding of the coursemate of course..DIYANA n RASHID..rite?
may Allah bless you always n through out this life together will Allah guide's ok? are the pictures that was taken by me ...enjoy people!

they all are my coursemate..kimia power!

rashid and yana