Thursday, July 28, 2011


Assalamualaikum and a very good day to everyone,

let me re-started back as i thought i havent introduce myself in a proper way..
my name is Nur Tsiqah Mohd Nasir,currently a chemistry student in University Malaya and currently a Independent Herbalife Distributor...
What is that?
well, anyone that have weight issues (anything ,like u want to lose weight ke ,gain weight ke,masalah jerawat ka,senggugut ka,migrain...etc)...insyaAllah dgn izin Allah segala masalah anda akan selesai..
anyone yg nk free consultation n nk main timbng2 berat bdn ke ,nk tau body fat range ke...just give a call 0162037477 or u cn give me message via my email
i can help u but only for serious people yg betul2 jujur nk lose weight okey?

okey ,this blog suppose to be medium of dakwah n im thinking this is just the way i will do it...although there will be a lot of herbalife stories n everyone (or someone) would say " kata blog ni tuk medium dakwah,xmcm pun" n i would say "saya hanya menyampaikan fakta yg betul shj,dn ini adalah betul"
sape kate medium tuk dakwah hanyala dlm bentuk tazkirah,ceramah,quote,cerita nabi...actually sumer bende asalkan halal di sisi Allah adalah medium tuk dakwah...kawan2 luaskan pemikiran anda...n yg penting skali husnu zon (bersangka baik) dgn apa2 skali pun...
 p/s: untuk peringatan diri sendiri yg rase mcm iman kadang2 naik trun,naik turun...husnu zon cqa, husnu zon...

Friday, July 8, 2011

Islamic Cultural Spot in Itaewon ,Korea

Assalamualaikum everyone,

im come back with new entry today entitled as above~

Itaewon : a city district in Yongsan-gu,Seoul, South Korea. it is easy accesible via subway and often described as foreign country within Korea. It is actually for a muslim visitor who find it hard to get halal food and there is a mosque also known as Seoul Central Mosque..

see..even Allah dah permudahkan jalan untuk org musafir nie..even korea pun dah ade Islamic Culture centre, so doesn't mean that if we travel around we can't perform our prayer..anywhere also can...I found this interesting fact and I think people should know about this..

p/s: actually teringin nk travel to Korea..hmm biler la agaknyer dpt..insyaAllah ,if Allah willing anytime bole pegy kan..ameen~~