Thursday, October 28, 2010

ya Allah berikanla ku kekuatan..

current feeling: don't know's abstract..suddenly..all the things went wrong..maybe ni sume due to pressure exam just around the corner.. a small matter can ignitiate/triggered jdi matter yg besar..

that's way the caption above mintak tlong dr Allah agar segale dpermudahkan n beri kekuatan kpd hamba ni..rase cm sumthing's wrong...

okla..kwn2 doakn saya agar kuat..
terima kasih~

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

TesT n Test again..

although dah last week of lec pun still got test..smpai jumaat..terbaek sangat..saye pun sgt suke..
nevamind to all my fren yg test sok..gudluck!!all the best...
btw esok test polimer n analytical..

p/s:syaal u also included...huhu..all the best..nak dekat dah tu~~

Monday, October 25, 2010

in mood of study

well this is my latest post since all my frens force me to post a new blog..dah lapuk da all the in mood of study now..the past is the past..the present is now..the future ?Allah yang tentukan...all this while about (march-now is october riite) wow! 8 month dah blalu~~
a lot of things happened either bad or good , it's totally change me up..huhu...moga istiqamah selalu..
my frens out there ,just ignore my past blog and this is the new me..
talking about exam..
it's on november..yeah i noe although about 1 month to go..i still have a lot of things to do..some revison that need to be catch speaking like a schematic electronic..
my next agenda: kenduri goin to enjoy that day...astafirullahal azim..dun get overexcited cqaa~~

dat's it !!till then see ya again!!wassalam~~

p/s: im goin to be more rajin to update my blog since my driving force da ader..hehe..