Monday, October 25, 2010

in mood of study

well this is my latest post since all my frens force me to post a new blog..dah lapuk da all the in mood of study now..the past is the past..the present is now..the future ?Allah yang tentukan...all this while about (march-now is october riite) wow! 8 month dah blalu~~
a lot of things happened either bad or good , it's totally change me up..huhu...moga istiqamah selalu..
my frens out there ,just ignore my past blog and this is the new me..
talking about exam..
it's on november..yeah i noe although about 1 month to go..i still have a lot of things to do..some revison that need to be catch speaking like a schematic electronic..
my next agenda: kenduri goin to enjoy that day...astafirullahal azim..dun get overexcited cqaa~~

dat's it !!till then see ya again!!wassalam~~

p/s: im goin to be more rajin to update my blog since my driving force da ader..hehe..


  1. salam...wahhhh..10000x terkejut...finally..cqah post something on her blog..yeay..shud i congratulate u dear???
    haha...good job dear..keep on blogging..can't wait to read ur next post...
    good luck for ur final dear...=))
    manusia berubah..same goes to u..moga kmu istiqamah ye..insyaallah...
    spe yg kahwin??

  2. huhu..
    eqa kenal whos the driving force tht u r talking about ..hehe;)
    let share our entri after this k...:)

  3. syaal:dear..haha..tenkiu2..insyaAllah..i will fren nk kawin,next week insyaAllah..

    eQa: hehe..u-know-who...finally yes..insyaAllah together we build up a motivated entri jum~