Tuesday, February 1, 2011

memoirs + workloads

As salam..everyone..
huhu..dah lama rasenyer xupdate my blog..
since sem 2 have began so i started to get a little bit busy..
and since my project have been postponed and i do feel relieved actually..and everything happen has hikmah..
Allah has decide what is the best for me..and i should redha ..n i am now..

well..a lot of things have tought me on how to be human a.k.a manusia..
due to a lot of induksi and talks from senior2 , abg joe n abg zaki (i thinks it is abg zaki,kinda have short term memory here) wake me up..

all that i can said is KKAAX XIV make me realise what is actually that i want..
insyaAllah.. i hope i can istiqomah in everything i do..n im still in the phase of "menjadi baik"
i want to be a good muslimah,a good daughter, a good fren , a good sister n a good muslimah to evryone..
i do need a lot of courage and need to do a lot of readings . Oh Allah ,help me n guide me to ur way..help me to fulfill my promises as there's no one that i can seek help except U, Ya Allah..ameen..

currently works that i have to do now:
-documentation for ptb51
-english presentation (introduction)
-re-arrange my notes (keep it organize)
-finish reading on romanticism : a satan weapon
-name list

i think thats all n hopefully i get finish it all b4 end of mid-sem break..
till then daaa~~

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